Tell your senators: Make insulin more affordable

Tell your senators: Make insulin more affordable

A new report from Sen. Raphael Warnock and Sen. John Kennedy shows that 813 counties have both higher-than-average rates of diabetes and people without insurance.

People without insurance in these counties tend to be poorer and less able to access the internet — they face an uphill struggle to afford the insulin they need to survive.

Fortunately, there’s a bill currently being considered in the Senate — the Affordable Insulin Now Act (S. 954) — that would cap the out-of-pocket cost of insulin at $35 a month for everyone, regardless of insurance status.

This would be a huge step to help people with diabetes afford the life-sustaining insulin they need.

Send an email to your senators and urge them to support the Affordable Insulin Now Act:

(If one of your senators is already co-sponsoring this bill, they’ll get a message thanking them instead.)



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