AIG Must Stop Insuring — and Divest From — Fossil Fuels

AIG Must Stop Insuring — and Divest From — Fossil Fuels

Insurers have a responsibility to protect the property and lives that they insure, yet AIG is still insuring and investing in fossil fuels without restrictions. While climate-related disasters devastate communities, AIG is propping up the industries that are driving this crisis. 

Tell AIG to drop fossil fuels.

Dear AIG CEO Peter Zaffino, 

As one of the world’s largest insurers of coal, oil, and gas, with billions of dollars in fossil fuel investments, AIG is fueling the climate crisis.  

AIG’s support for the expansion of climate-wrecking fossil fuel production increases risks of wildfires, droughts, and other severe natural disasters. The AIG-insured Trans Mountain pipeline actively harms Indigenous communities. 

Time is running out to avoid catastrophic climate change. AIG needs to stop enabling new fossil fuel projects now and phase out support for existing operations that are inconsistent with global climate targets. 

AIG must:

  1. Stop insuring new and expanded coal, oil, and gas projects immediately. 
  2. Phase out insurance for all fossil fuel companies, starting with coal. 
  3. Divest completely from coal, oil, and gas companies. 
  4. Respect human rights, including Indigenous people's rights to free, prior, and informed consent. 

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