Add your name: Expose hidden corporate lobbying by Eli Lilly

Add your name: Expose hidden corporate lobbying by Eli Lilly

Despite saying it supported lower drug prices, Eli Lilly spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying over the last decade — including fighting against legislation to reduce the price of insulin and other life-saving prescription drugs.

Now, a group of shareholders have filed a proposal that would make Eli Lilly be fully transparent about its lobbying activities and reveal whether its behind-closed-doors lobbying matches its public statements.

This lobbying transparency proposal will be voted on at Eli Lilly’s annual shareholder meeting on May 6.

Add your name to our petition to show Eli Lilly shareholders that there’s overwhelming support for their corporate lobbying transparency proposal:

To Eli Lilly Shareholders

Shareholders and potential future investors deserve to know if Eli Lilly is lobbying in their best interests. And the general public deserves to know if Eli Lilly’s lobbying aligns with its publicly expressed goals and commitments.

I urge all shareholders to vote in favor of Item #6 — the Shareholder Proposal to Publish an Annual Report Disclosing Lobbying Activities at this May’s annual Eli Lilly shareholder meeting

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